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Ray University has been attracting a wide variety of motivated students and working professionals — many of are working on full time jobs but aspire to have better livesand successful career through a superb education. Students enroll confidently with Ray University because of the college's renowned faculty of academics, professionals and artists who are among the best in their field. They know they will be learning under the guidence of experienced faculty, with most latest courses and facilities, smart online classrooms, and real life experiences— all with a highly affordable tuition.

Ray University has a student enrollment of 16,822 students — 13,095 undergraduates and 3,727 graduates who come from 136 nations and speak some 89 languages

Schools & Majors

Ray University is one the most prestigious and accredited online universities that offer a wide variety of majors specifically designed for professionals and working adults. The fields & majors offered at Ray cover all the top choices of students and employers across the globe.

Our degree programs are designed in collaboration with academic and industry professionals to ensure quality, relevance and rigor.

Our diverse faculty and students make significant contributions and serve as the backbone of the university's academic enterprise.

Ray graduates are enjoying careers in medicine, theatre and drama, music composition, information technology, law, engineering, education, journalism, criminal justice, creative writing, fundraising, politics, social work, business, community organizing, and numerous academic fields.

Explore our degree programs in a range of high-demand fields, including business, education, nursing and technology and many more and update your academics in less than a year.

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