About Ray -Your Goals and our Passion - A Potent Combination!

Ray University is the highly systemized online educational institute established with the mission of making education accessible and available to everyone across the globe.

Ray University has become the hub for individuals who are seeking high level of career growth. Many students all around the world as well as working professionals — who are working on full time jobs but aspire to have better life and successful career through a valuable educational experience. Ray University encourages students to enroll assertively and study under the guidance of university’s renowned and experienced faculty of academics and professionals who are among the best in their field. They know they will be learning under the guidance of experienced faculty, with most advanced courses and facilities, smart online classrooms, and real life experiences— all at a highly affordable tuition fee.

Ray University has a student enrollment of 16,822 students — 13,095 undergraduates and 3,727 graduates who come from more than 120 nations and speak more than 50 languages

Academic Opportunities

Students seeking a highly challenging academic program beyond the university’s rigorous overall program are invited to apply at Ray University. Admission into these programs is very competitive and offers tremendous benefits

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university Faculty

The faculty at Ray University is highly experienced and belongs to industry with more than 10 years of experience in their fields. Our faculty is helpful and dedicated to our student's success and career prosperity

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Respecting Diversity

Ray University Students belong to diverse backgrounds and cultures, thus bringing number of different values and school of thoughts under one umbrella. Ray University manages this diversity in an effective manner by providing an open platform for interaction and communication, where students are encouraged to share ideas and express their thoughts through different mediums.

Education Without Boundaries

Ray University believes education has no boundaries and through its online existence it is proving so. We at Ray University believe that a university could be innovative, interdisciplinary, inclusive – and great. We believed that ground-breaking research and a relentless focus on student’s success go hand-in-hand.

Ray University follows student centered teaching and learning giving students great opportunities. The University offers students a unique and distinguished, experiential education to help them conquer the fields of their interest.